Model Railroad


The Paradise and Pacific RailRoad club was first incorporated in 1975 and has been in continuous operation ever since.


The Paradise and Pacific Railroad Club was founded in 1975 and has operated at McCorrnick-Stillman Railroad Park since it began. It was originally called a “Tinplate” club after early toy trains that were made of inexpensive, lightweight steel plated with tin. The club runs “O-gauge" trains on a layout where it's not only the trains that move but a variety of lively, action items: from cranes moving loads and cars pulling in and out of gas stations to a crazy "town" of prairie dogs popping in and out of their underground burrows! Around and on the layout, you can see many real Arizona industries represented.

O-gauge trains were made popular by the Lionel Corporation, which, by 1903, was manufacturing electric toy trains, including track, metal cars, a locomotive and a suspension bridge. It's not uncommon for today's model railroaders to have started enjoying their hobby as little kids who owned Lionel trains. To this day, one P & P Club member proudly declares, "I don't make models... I play with trains!"

This Paradise and Pacific railroad is always changing. There are locomotives and rolling stock from many different manufacturers. Club members regularly bring in and run trains from their personal collections as well. Some engines are powered using traditional electric controls while others are truly 21st century: they're digital with wireless remote control devices that allows the ''engineers" to move trains in different directions, speed up or slow down, uncouple cars and blow whistles at will. Don't miss an opportunity to help operate the trains when a member hands you a controller!

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